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Get Deapp in your Hosptial

Find out how below

Deapp Licence

Unlock the potential

Get support, access and all features with a Deapp Licence.

It allows diabetes teams to track the progress of patients, sign-off patients as competent for discharge and all patients get free access to the app, plus our amazing handbooks are given out for free as well!

Don't worry, you can still use Deapp without a Licence, the app is downloadable on the app store and the first session is free.

staff deapp training 2019 6.jpg

Deapp Training

New to Deapp

If your hospital team has never used Deapp before, we start by providing a full-face-to face training experience to show you how to deliver our education.

Why is it needed?

Our training is a vital part of Deapp and it helps everyone understand a new way of teaching diabetes education.

Face-to-face training helps you and the team get hands-on time with our physical resources and can interact with our dedicated Deapp Educators.

Our training is based on the size of your team, we offer packages for 5, 10, 15  and up to 20 healthcare professionals.

Email us at to find out more.

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