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T1FC Leicester

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T1FC Leicester is a type-1 diabetes activity group where people can come together to enjoy sports and have an opportunity to engage with their community.

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Zero Stigma

Worried about injecting in front of people? No problem.
Concerned about a Hypo? Everyone has been there.
Sport without stigma.


No Cold Wet Nights

This is not Sunday League. 
No mud. No rain. No problem.

Local indoor sport without having to worry about the wonderful weather.

Sport without the fuss.

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Any Ability

Who cares if you are not sporty?
Why would your gender matter?

Your background shouldn't stop you.

Kick down the barriers.

Sport for all.

Sessions will restart in January
Register your interest

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Café Community 

Join us for a cuppa and a chat after.

We will be inviting specialists from the NHS, Diabetes UK or someone from the diabetes community to lead a discussion.
Open talks and support.

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Not Just Football

Some weeks we might mix it up, it's not going to be wall-to-wall football.
It might be a game of dodgeball or a dabble of yoga. 

Mixing it Up


Guest Coaches

We are partnering with LCFC in the Community and other local sports providers, whilst it won't be every week, we might be having a guest or two to help us.

Sport for all.

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