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What is Deapp?

Deapp is The Diabetes Education App (pronounced ‘deep’ like the deep sea). It is a Type-1 Diabetes educational tool which encompasses bespoke training for Healthcare Professionals, physical props, games and learning aids, and an app which hosts over 40 videos, minigames and animations which takes a complex curriculum and breaks it down in to easy to understand information.

Who is are the team behind Deapp and the Not-For-Profit social enterprise that helps to deliver it to patients and healthcare professionals across the UK. has been set up as a Community Interest Company to enure that its’ primary aim is for the social good. We are also a member of Social Enterprise UK, 

Resource Box
  • Is my School Eligible for free diabetes Training?
    If your school is based in Leicester or Leicestershire you can get access to free diabetes training for your school staff from the Diabetes team at University Hospitals of Leicester. You dont need to have any background knowelege in type-1 diabetes before attending. Simply sign up to any School Diabetes Session on our Events page.
  • Why cant schools from outside Leicestershire attend?
    The training is delivered by the University Hopsitals of Leicester and the information is also provided by the Leicester Schools Authority. This means that schools outside of this area will be under a different authority and can access diabetes education by contacting their local diabetes team. Hopefully this training will be avaialbalbe in your area soon, make sure to ask you diabetes team if the have heard about Deapp!
  • I can no longer attend my session...
    Don't worry, just sign up to another that is more convenient for you. You dont have to let anyone know either.
  • Can I swap my place with another member of staff?
    Each person who attends the session must have signed up individually. This means you should not substiute staff in place of another, they should sign up separately.
  • I didn't get my confirmation or pre-course materials...
    Your confirmation may take a few minutes to come through. It will contain a few links to resources provided by the Leicester Schools Authority that you need to have. You will also get the link to the session on this email. ⭐️If it didn't come thorugh be sure to check your spam for an email from WIX. An email reminder will be sent to you 3 days before the event just incase you cant find the info. ⭐️ If you still didnt get an email, sign-up again (check your email is correct). Hopefully this time you will recieve it. ⭐️ Finally, if none of this has worked email Please note that emails cannot always be respoded to immediately.
  • What is a Deapp Licence?
    A Deapp Licence gives hospital sites acess to many perks of Deapp Education. If you are not a healthcare professinoal in an NHS hospital you dont need to worry about this! Hopsital sites who want to get free handbooks for all their newly diagnosed patients, free app downloads for patients and access to the patient management system within the Deapp app will want to sign up to a Deapp Licence. Contact for more information.
  • We already have Deapp resources, do we need a Deapp Licence?
    It is not a requirement for hospital sites to get a Deapp Licence, you can continue to use your amazing Deapp resources as much as you like. However the Deapp team cannot offer you the same level of support or give out free handbooks to your patients. You or your patients will need to purchase the handbook and the full Deapp app separately if you wish to use them. The patient management system on the 'backend' of the app will not be accessible to sites, meaning you cannot track your patients or sign them off as competent when using the education. To get a Deapp Licence or to find out more email
  • I would like to by resources for my Hospital team
    If you are a healthcare professional and need replacements, new or additional resources simply find them in our shop on the website and email for a Pro Forma Invoice. Deapp Licecned sites will get automatic discounts applied to their orders.
  • Who is the best person to contact?
    For general infomation: Email and one of the team will get back to you. For a question from a healthcare professinal at a site using Deapp: Email For a question relating to the buiness operations: Email For questions on school training: Email and one of the team will get back to you. To speak to the team: Call Lee Paxman-Clarke on (+44) 07454 635 205 The operates on reduced staff on Wednesdays and may not be able to respond to queries.
  • I am looking to bring Deapp to my country....
    Great! Deapp is designed for the UK NHS healthcare system, so it will need some tweaks and some research before we can get it running in your country. We are setting up pilots on countries around the world to analyse its potential impact within different regions and publishing the data at international conferences once it is complete. Get involved and lets collaborate! Contact to learn more about setting up a research pilot in your hospital.
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