What is Deapp?

Deapp is The Diabetes Education App (pronounced ‘deep’ like the deep sea). It is a Type-1 Diabetes educational tool which encompasses bespoke training for Healthcare Professionals, physical props, games and learning aids, and an app which hosts over 40 videos, minigames and animations which takes a complex curriculum and breaks it down in to easy to understand information.

Who is are the team behind Deapp and the Not-For-Profit social enterprise that helps to deliver it to patients and healthcare professionals across the UK. has been set up as a Community Interest Company to enure that its’ primary aim is for the social good. We are also a member of Social Enterprise UK, 

Where Can I Download Deapp?

Deapp is available on the Apple and the Google Play stores. Anyone is able to download and use Deapp, whether they are a patient, parent, healthcare professional or just someone who wants to learn more about Type-1 Diabetes.

What is in the Resource Box?

The Deapp Resource Box is a fantastic educational pack of games, toys and props which aid learning about Diabetes. Magnetic boards to learn about the body, whiteboards to help understand the maths elements, true and false disks to highlight myths and many more.

What is the Licence?

Deapp hospitals can sign up to an annual licence, this gives the staff access to the backend management of the app and allows patient tracking and other benefits. A licence allows sites to have full access to the Deapp team's help and support, plus we provide ‘top-up’ training and discounted resources.

Is This Available In My Country?

Deapp is only currently available in the UK, this is because the education is based on NHS practices, ISPAD and NICE guidelines. The curriculum was developed with a committee of Healthcare professionals and specialists, plus is voiced with a range of UK accents and dialects. Your country may use different units of measurements, medical terminology and phrases which is why it is unavailable elsewhere.
We are looking for partners to help adapt the education in other countries. If you are interested in bringing Deapp to your country, please get in contact with us at