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High or Low Disk Game

High or Low Disk Game

This High or Low Disk Game (or Cause & Symptom) is a great game to play with patients and their families as an interactive learning activity.


Each disk has an image that together you will discuss whether it makes Blood Glucose Levels go higher or lower, these images may be a "Cause" such as "Injecting into a lump causes...." Or a "Symptom" such as "You are feeling shakey....".


These high-quality, wipable and hard-wearing plastic disks hold up to the wear and tear of the hospital environment. Being easy to wipe clean and disinfect over and over again.


They come packaged in a neat 'Really Useful Box' with a clip-on lid that keeps your Disks nice and secure. 


Discounts for NHS sites (Deapp Licenced), email for discounted pricing.


Designed: UK

Manufactured: UK

Assembled: UK

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